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The top 10 rugged smartphones

Mobile World Magazine ranks the top 10 rugged smartphones on the market today

|Oct 2|magazine2 min read

It seems like, in this age of COVID-19, that the only way to really feel safe outdoors is to march fifty miles into the uncharted wilderness in the hope that the bears are carrying fewer infectious diseases than the anti-maskers at the local Costco. While the wilderness and its constituent elements may present their own array of problems, intrepid ramblers everywhere can alleviate some of those potential woes with one of the water, dust, shock and extreme temperature-resistant “rugged” smartphones on the market today. 

Even if you’re not looking to continue Bear Grills’ legacy or working as the mid-game ball boy at a 24-hour batting cage, these tough-as-nails handsets are perfect for people with outdoor or manual jobs - or possibly for exasperated parents in the process of replacing their teenage child’s cracked iPhone 11 for the third time this year. Click the link below to explore Mobile World Magazine’s roundup of the top 10 rugged smartphones on the market today.