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Timos Tsokanis: powering Algeria’s digital transformation

Timos Tsokanis, CTO at Ooredoo Algérie, discusses the company’s role in enabling a societal digital transformation — and its response to COVID-19

Timos Tsokanis
Ooredoo Algérie

Chief Technology Officer

Timos Tsokanis is the CTO of Ooredoo Algérie, the regional branch of international telecommunications firm Ooredoo. It’s a role that he sees as a calling. “I love telecommunications. I enjoy working with people, innovating continuously to revolutionise the lives of the people around us. Only telecommunications can achieve that. Most of the technological advances we have experienced in the last 10 years wouldn't reach the average citizen of this planet if it were not for the wide reach and breadth of networks.” He has extensive experience in the industry, having worked for such firms for 20 years across three continents and five countries. “I couldn't be happier to see the companies I worked for and the teams I worked with change how people interact, how they work and how they entertain themselves — it's fun. Every day is a new day to learn and innovate.”

While the world is experiencing challenging times, Tsokanis’ approach to leadership has not altered. “Leaders need to be compassionate. They need to be open. They need to reach out to everyone, listen, learn, and then collect feedback blended with a vision formulated into a simple, actionable strategy that is then communicated and managed towards successful execution. During these times leaders should see the challenges that are arising daily and turn them into opportunities.” Those opportunities, Tsokanis explains, include virtual presence, digitalisation and transforming the ways in which we work. “I’m always driving for novel techniques to influence strategy, take ownership, assume accountability and mentor my team to follow the highest professional and ethical standards. I make demands on my team, but I’m approachable, honest, trusting and fair.”

In line with that, Tsokanis promotes a culture that is simultaneously respectful and intense. “There is no time to waste. The world is advancing by the day and our competition must always be respected. So we need to move fast. Taken together, the women and men who work for Ooredoo Algérie are the key to its success.” Tsokanis attributes that fact to the capabilities Ooredoo employees possess. “It is with Algerian talent and local skills that we have been, and will continue to be, able to meet all current and future challenges. It is important for the leadership of Ooredoo to reveal the hidden talents and abilities inside everyone, to mentor, motivate and grow our people.”

Tsokanis believes that the maintenance of such a culture is just as much his responsibility as the technology he implements. “One cannot change only the culture or only the technology. The two are very tightly linked. When we embarked on this journey we realised training would be a big part of it. Training exposes people to new technologies and methodologies, and makes them think about everyday problems under a different light. Then, slowly, you start changing mentalities. The changing world in which we all live truly highlights the importance of communication.”



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Timos Tsokanis | Ooredoo Algérie

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