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Harry Menear|Oct 27, 2020|magazine

9 min read

Will 2021 be the year when AR glasses take off?

Read NowWith Facebook and Apple nearing a commercial release for their AR glasses, will 2021 be the year that the technology starts to find adoption?

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Verizon and Nokia go global with private 5G

Verizon and Nokia are collaborating to deliver private 5G network solutions to enterprises in Europe and APAC

Harry Menear
|Oct 21, 2020|magazine

6 min read

Nokia and NASA to build first cell network on the Moon

NASA has granted Nokia $14.1mn in order to support the development and deployment of the first cellular network on the lunar surface

Harry Menear
|Oct 20, 2020|magazine

5 min read

Is the global 5G space race running in the wrong direction?

More than 600,000 5G base stations have been installed across China’s network, but is that network delivering on its promises to win a 5G Space Race?

Harry Menear
|Oct 19, 2020|magazine

8 min read

Samsung's new A42 5G ushers in affordable 5G in Europe

5G-enabled devices are starting to hit affordable price points outside of China

Harry Menear
|Oct 17, 2020|magazine

4 min read

The top 10 tablets on the market in 2020

A breakdown of the 10 best tablets you can buy in 2020

Harry Menear
|Oct 16, 2020|magazine

1 min read

Nokia signs five-year deal to migrate to Google Cloud

The five-year deal will see Nokia migrate its on-premises IT infrastructure to Google’s Cloud

Harry Menear
|Oct 15, 2020|magazine

5 min read

Is the iPhone 12 mini a throwback that the industry needs?

At a modest 5.4 inches, is the Apple iPhone 12 mini the start of a return to the smaller phones of yesterday packed with today's latest 5G and chip tech?

Harry Menear
|Oct 15, 2020|magazine

7 min read

The Pentagon floats plans to create nationalised 5G network

The Pentagon and the Federal Communications Commission’s plans to lease 5G frequencies to a private contractor could give the recipient a huge advantage

Harry Menear
|Oct 14, 2020|magazine

6 min read

How to dispose of the disposable smartphone culture

The smartphone industry needs radical change if it is going to arrest its contribution to the global climate collapse

Harry Menear
|Oct 13, 2020|magazine

16 min read

O2 leads Slovakian 5G push with new trial

O2 Slovakia has launched the country’s first 5G pilot program in four neighbourhoods across Bratislava, with more MNOs expected to follow suit

Harry Menear
|Oct 12, 2020|magazine

6 min read

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